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Call for Nominations 2024

It’s that time of year again! SESHA is asking for you to nominate yourself or a deserving candidate for the Board of Directors.

Nominating yourself or a candidate for office is a valuable service to the association, and your thoughtful participation in this process is greatly appreciated.

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SESHA Board of Directors (Term)

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Jay McCroskey – President – (2025)
General Manager,Global Accounts,Enterprise Health

Mark Fessler – President-Elect (2025)
Sr. Director Global Product Safety Technology, ASM International, ASM America

Steven Trammell – Past-President – (2025)
Managing Consultant, Padre Consulting Services

Troy McCuskey – Treasurer – (2024)
Research Operation Manager, National Renewable Energy Laboratory NREL

Mollie Anderson – (2026)
Manager, Principal Consultant, BSI Group

Kamran Azad – (2026)
EHS Manager, Broadcom

Susan Creighton – (2024)

Josh Culp
Program Chair, Micron Technology

John Marci – (2026)
Sr Safety Manager, Global Foundries

Hilary Matthews – (2024)
EHS Manager, Axcelis Technologies

Raymond McDaid – (2026)
Sr Manager Product Safety and Compliance, KLA

Matt Wyman –(2026)

SESHA Offices:

Brett Burk Executive Director
Phone: 703-790-1745
Fax: 703-790-2672

Phone: 703-790-1745
Fax: 703-790-2672


Tiffany Binnix Ext. 217
Brett Burk Ext. 220 Executive Director
Heide Rohland Ext. 211 Membership Director
Jill Drupa Ext. 222 Director of Administration
Jennifer Rosenberg Ext. 231 Meetings
Amy Sullivan Ext. 233 Sponsors & Exhibits
Natalie Judd Marketing
Jack Murphy Marketing




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