Compound Semiconductor (CS) Forum Standard Operating Procedures SESHA

Prepared December 13, 2001
Approved by CS Forum January 7, 2002
Authorized by SESHA BOD January 17, 2002

1. Policy Statement

The Semiconductor Environmental Safety And Health Association (SESHA) is dedicated to communication and education concerning environmental, health, and safety issues relating to the electronics and high technology industries. In an effort to promote communication networks within the association, forums have been formed. The Compound Semiconductor (CS) Forum serves as a professional network for EHS solutions to the gallium arsenide, indium phosphide, and other III-V and II-VI segments of the industry.

2. Scope

This procedure provides general guidelines for the establishment and maintenance of the CS Forum, outlines the terms and qualifications of forum members, and defines the forum’s responsibilities.

3. Eligibility for Forum Participation

3.1 CS Forum shall be comprised of current SESHA members and others (potentially including process and equipment engineers, manufacturing and support equipment suppliers, chemical suppliers and researchers) interested in compound semiconductor EHS issues. There is no limit to the number of participants in the forum.3.2 CS Forum members must remain active in forum meetings and teleconference calls. There is no term limit to membership.

3.3 The CS Forum will have three elected Officers, a Chair, Vice-Chair and Secretary, who must all be SESHA members.

3.3.1 The Chair shall schedule and preside over meetings, be the primary interface with the SESHA Board of Directors (BOD) and lead recruitment activities for the CS Forum.

3.3.2 The Vice-Chair shall preside over meetings in the absence of the Chair and develop and coordinate SESHA sponsored educational opportunities.

3.3.3 The Secretary shall maintain the web page (with the assistance of the SESHA webmaster), including the list of current members, and prepare minutes of all CS Forum meetings.

3.4 The Chair, Vice-Chair and Secretary shall be elected by the SESHA members of the CS Forum and approved by the SESHA BOD.

3.4.1 The Vice-Chair shall ascend to the Chair at the termination of the previous Chair’s term of office

3.4.2 Secretary shall ascend to the Vice-Chair at the termination of the previous Vice-Chair’s term of office.

3.5 The term of office for CS Forum Officers is one calendar year.

3.6 The CS Forum will meet at least annually at the SESHA Annual Symposium. More frequent meetings or teleconferences may be held at the discretion of the Officers.

4. Responsibilities

4.1 The CS Forum shall identify and share best practices on compound semiconductor EHS issues, such as the following:

4.1.1 Control of arsenic compounds hazards in solid waste, water and air

4.1.2 Control of indium compounds hazards in solid waste, water and air

4.1.3 Recycling and reuse of process materials, including gallium

4.1.4 Safe storage, use, abatement and disposal of process chemicals, including hydrides, metal organics and hydrogen

4.1.5 Selection of gas detection technologies and alarm schemes

4.1.6 Implementing design for environment and safety in process equipment

4.1.7 Identification and resolution of new EHS hazards

4.1.8 Review of new EHS technologies

4.2 The CS Forum will maintain a web page at the SESHA web site that contains contact information for the Officers, a membership list, future meetings information, links to relevant web sites, links to or electronic files of relevant publications and presentations, and other information approved by the Chair. The Secretary is responsible for maintenance of the CS Forum web page.

4.3 CS Forum members are encouraged to openly discuss EHS issues and share solutions.

4.4 The CS Forum Chair shall submit an annual budget request to the SESHA Treasurer by September 15 of each year. Forum expenses must be in accordance with the approved budget or by special approval through the SESHA Executive Committee.

4.5 The CS Forum Chair is responsible for maintaining communications with the SESHA BOD with regard to forum activities.

5. Travel/Lodging

5.1 All travel and lodging expenses for forum activities will be in accordance with SESHA’s Travel Standard Operating Procedure.



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