300mm Fab Risk Challenges

DeGiorgio, Vincent
(ArupRisk Consulting, Westborough, MA)

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The first wave of 300 millimeter (300mm) semiconductor fabrication facilities has arrived complete with highly automated materials handling system (AMHS), front opening unified pod (FOUP) and in some cases multi-story stockers. Both the Fab configurations as well as process tools have been impacted by the change to 300mm. Changes to the Fab include greater ceiling heights and wafer processing on multiple floor levels. Changes to the process tools include greater size/weight, use of a FOUP buffer, increased electrical power requirements, new chemistries using more flammable/combustible liquids, etc. Process tools for 300mm Fabs have undergone SEMI S2-0200 and in some cases SEMI S14-0200 reviews. Trends from these assessments will be discussed. Changes to the Fab and process tools pose physical and operational risks. These risks will be reviewed and mitigation features, which can lower the risk, will be discussed.

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