5 Generations in the Workforce – It’s Time to Rethink Injury Prevention

Kevin Schmidt and Doug Moody

Taking care of employees has become more complicated because of an important change. For the first time, the workforce includes 5 generations. Boomers may have new aches and pains. Millennials or entry level employees are adjusting to different work roles that are more sedentary or even experiencing a new ache from holding their first baby. To respond to these needs, it’s time for a fresh look at soft tissue injury prevention. This session explores a pathway to providing a new and wider range of coverage, including insight into new approaches being used by many companies. Topics include the different needs of the generations, fresh ideas on how to rethink your program and how to achieve results through engagement, presenteeism and coaching. The discussion will include emerging areas such as onsite physical therapy, wearables, telehealth and more. Attendees will also discover how to analyze injury data and use key indicators to guide decisions about their program. The presentation includes a semiconductor company case study and specific actions to take today.

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