Achieving Compliance with the Ever-Changing Risk Management Program Regulations (40 CFR Part 68)

Natalie VanLiew, P.E.
(Trinity Consultants, Lenexa, KS)

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After multiple delays over the last two years, a 2018 DC Circuit Court decision triggered significant changes to the Risk Management Program (RMP) rule by implementing the January 2017 RMP regulations. This established new RMP requirements for site incident investigations and reports, process hazard analysis reviews, training, emergency coordination and exercise activities, public information sharing, compliance audits and the Risk Management Plan submittal. Some new requirements are currently in effect, while others will come into effect through March 2021 . . . . unless they are reversed by the final version of the RMP Reconsideration Rule that is still under EPA review. If you’re responsible for RMP compliance at your site or company, join Trinity’s Consultants’ Natalie VanLiew as she walks through the steps you need to take to ensure compliance with the RMP rule now and in the future, under both the 2017 rule and future proposed RMP Reconsideration rule. The presentation will be updated based on the status of the Reconsideration rule at the time of the conference.

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