Addressing the Evolving CSR Demands for the Semiconductor/Electronics Industry

Wilk, P.E., Lisa; Bates, PhD, P.E., Wayne
(Capaccio Environmental Engineering, Inc.)

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Do you participate in, or are you considering participation in, Electronic Industry Citizenship Coalition (EICC), Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP), or Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) reporting? Are you impacted by CSR rankings in Dow-Jones, Newsweek, and others? Are customers, employees, investors, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), asking about your CSR performance? The electronics industry confronts a broad range of CSR issues in the course of conducting business. To remain successful, organizations need to understand and actively manage the risks and opportunities arising from these issues. With increasing drivers for sustainability and social responsibility, the electronics industry is challenged with identifying appropriate CSR objectives, establishing and managing programs to achieve these objectives, developing and integrating CSR management systems, and reporting on CSR performance. This presentation discusses these challenges and explores various strategies and tactics for addressing these needs. Learn what others in the industry are doing, and position your organization for success.

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