Applied Industrial Ergonomics


This one-day Applied Industrial Ergonomics workshop provides the resources and tools needed to make simple yet effective human performance improvements in your industrial workplace. Learn how to improve human performance and reduce the frequency and severity of injuries. Hands-on problem solving methods will help you recognize, evaluate, and control ergonomic risk in the industrial environment. Attendees will learn to conduct complete ergonomic risk assessments, identify and implement workplace improvements, and cost-justify an ergonomics program using proven methodologies. Attendees will learn to: – Explain the application ergonomics to workstation retrofit and design. – Evaluate workstations and equipment for good ergonomic design. – Identify contributing factors to work-related musculoskeletal disorders. – Determine ergonomic criteria for manual work, including applied forces, working postures, frequency of movements, and exposure to vibration. – Identify high priority jobs/workstations for ergonomic improvement. – Accurately apply ergonomic assessment/solution tools. – Evaluate proposed and existing manufacturing processes for good ergonomic design. – Select tools and equipment according to ergonomic criteria for manual work.

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