Applying SEMI S22-1103: Safety Guideline for the Electrical Design of Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment

Evanston, Chris
(Earth Tech Microelectronic Services)

This course focuses on applying the new SEMI electrical safety guideline – SEMI S22. The target audience is the knowledgeable electrical safety professional who has limited or no experience with this new important safety guideline. The course outline follows the sections of SEMI S22 with special emphasis on practical engineering safety application. The course will also provide a useful discussion of how this electrical guideline is similar to and differs from other such electrical safety standards such as NFPA 79 and EN60204-1. 1. Purpose 2. Scope 3. Limitations 4. Reference Standards 5. Terminology 6. Alternate Methods of Conformity 7. Design Philosophy 8. General Considerations 9. Facilities Electrical Connection 10. Protection Against Electric Shock 11. Protection Against Risk of Electrical Fire 12. Bonding to the Protective Conductor 13. Safety Circuits 14. Interface Control 15. Electrical Enclosures 16. Conductors and Cables 17. Wiring Practices 18. Electric Motors ¼ Horsepower and Larger 19. Accessories and Lighting 20. Markings 21. Technical Documentation 22. Testing This is an eight-hour course that strongly encourages audience participation with a number of short exercises followed by discussion.

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