Are you ready for REACH?

Natarajan , Prabhu
(3E Company)

REACH will introduce a single regulatory framework for Registration, Evaluation and Authorization of CHemicals to replace the current dual system for assessing risks of “existing” (those placed on the market before 1981 and included in the EINECS inventory) and “new” substances (included in the ELINCS inventory). In addition, REACH will reverse the burden of proof for testing and risk assessment from authorities to industry. Through the introduction of this regulation, the European Union will make a fundamental change in the way chemicals are controlled, directly affecting the practices of importers (and manufacturers) of chemicals in Europe. The main elements of the proposal are the collection of information on chemicals and the preparation of chemicals safety reports. This presentation will discuss some of the implications for companies outside the EU, which wish to export chemicals to EU: Strategies that should be considered by exporters of chemical-based products from outside Europe Activities that can and should be undertaken today to ensure compliance with REACH when it is implemented The differences and similarities between the current regulation and the proposed REACH regulation Registration requirements and downstream user requirements for non-European companies In addition, three different scenarios, which could affect exporters, will be discussed in detail: the export of chemicals to a company\\\\\\\’s overseas (European) production facility the export of chemicals for sale to Europe the export of chemicals for use in the production of articles

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