Assessments of Semiconductor Products Containing Lasers to Meet CDRH and ANSI Criteria – A Case Study for a CMP Tool

Visty, John*; Larsen, Sean*; Hatfield, John
(Earth Tech – Colo. Springs, CO and Applied Materials, San Jose, CA)

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The incorporation of lasers into semiconductor process equipment for metrology, alignment and other applications is an important development in product design to improve the performance of semiconductor tools. However, this new development also involves new requirements that manufacturers must meet to ensure the safety of their tools and to meet federal regulations on laser products. This paper will address the two primary sets of criteria for laser-containing tools; the Federal CDRH Regulations and ANSI Guideline. Reference to IEC codes will also be noted where applicable. The measurement of laser radiation is a key part of documenting compliance with these criteria. This presentation will present a case study of laser measurements on a Chemical Mechanical Polisher (CMP) tool to address the key factors that must be considered for product safety design, personnel safety and meeting regulatory requirements. The case study will include the laser radiation test protocol used for normal operating and maintenance conditions.

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