Behind the Scenes of Conflict Minerals: Lessons from Smelter Outreach Visits

Rojas, Andreina; Fiereck, Bryan
(Intel, Chandler, AZ)

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On January 5, Intel CEO Brian Krzanich announced that Intel is moving beyond microprocessors to achieve the goal to validate Intel’s broader product base as conflict-free in 2016, as part of his keynote at the 2016 Consumer Electronics Show (CES). This achievement is the result of Intel’s seven-year commitment to remove conflict minerals from its supply chain and prevent profits from the sale of these minerals from funding the ongoing conflict in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC). In order to achieve this challenging goal, Intel’s conflict minerals team has visited 105 smelters and refiners in 21 countries around the globe with the goal of providing education on conflict minerals, assessing their sourcing practices, collecting country of origin information and encouraging & assisting their participation in an independent 3rd party audit program such as the CFSP. Our efforts complement those of CFSI member companies who participate on teams that conduct smelter research and outreach. It’s these smelter outreach activities which “opens the door” for companies like Intel to visit the smelter & refiner facilities. Today you will join Intel behind the scenes and hear stories about these smelter/refiner facility visits, with examples of how Intel and other CFSI member companies conducted smelter outreach and worked to construct conflict-free supply chains not just for Intel, but for electronics and other industries which make up the supply chains of products used around the world.

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