Beyond CTDs…An Ergonomic Sprain/Strain Prevention Strategy

O’Brien, Michael
(Intel, Chandler, AZ)

This course covers an approach taken by one of Intel’s manufacturing organizations to address ergonomic sprain/strain injuries. Previous ergonomics efforts have largely focused on CTD prevention, including training, engineering and administrative controls. While these efforts have been effective, a concern remains about how to prevent acute sprain/strain injuries. The approach taken by this factory included 2 programs: an ergonomic emphasis to job hazard analysis, and a new training class to convey the importance of proper body mechanics. The JHA is intended to address conditions that may cause a sprain/strain, and includes detailed definitions of ergonomic risk factors and related hazard control strategies. The training class was developed to raise awareness and employee commitment to practicing good ergonomic behaviors daily. Both of these programs will be presented in detail, with discussion on the results and future action plans.

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