Building Credibility for your EH&S Strategies to Increase Value to your Organization

Tighe, D.
(Bovo-Tighe, LLC)

Course Description: In the current business climate EH&S organizations are under fire to reduce budgets and lower headcount. Managers under pressure sometimes pare programs down to little more than maintenance and selective compliance. The EH&S organization itself is sometimes perceived as a cost center with little connection to the fundamental business results. There is a very real opportunity within most organizations to change that perception and the actual value of the EH&S program. This workshop will show you how.

The Workshop: This session is a hands-on, highly interactive workshop in which you will learn and apply practical approaches to change the value your EH&S program brings to your organization. Key areas covered include:
Designing an operational plan that directly aligns with the business strategy
Creating an identity as a value producer
Building a client-focused service mindset within your team
Communicating your value proposition to your clients
Focusing your efforts where they matter most
Applying a simple 5-step model to build a high-performance organization
Building and using effective metrics
Aligning your business processes to demonstrate your value proposition

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