Building, Fire and Mechanical Codes and Your Legal Responsibilities

Hanselka, PE, REA, Reinhard
(SESHA, Santa Clara County, CA)

This workshop has been developed for: Facilities Managers, EH&S Professionals, Building and Fire Government Officials, Architects, Construction Managers Attend this and you will: • Learn first hand from the experts what the new codes will require for remodels, new construction and existing facilities. • Gain a comprehensive understanding of the State’s pending building, mechanical, and fire codes. • Keep your liability in control. These Codes are a radical departure from what we have now. • There is no “Grand-Fathering” in California. All Facilities and Construction must comply. Reinhard Hanselka will conduct a comprehensive eight-hour workshop where you will learn how, and when, California’s planned adoption of the International Building, International Fire, and Uniform Mechanical and Plumbing Codes in 2007 will affect all Bay Area Facilities Designs and Construction. Attendees are invited to bring facility questions and participate.

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