Chemical Tracking and Environmental Reporting Via the Web – A Working Solution

Gibbs, Lawrence
(Stanford University, Stanford, CA)

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Tracking chemical and other hazardous materials inventory is necessary for business compliance and is especially challenging for research organizations. Safety, emergency preparedness, and facility planning benefit from knowing what materials are on site, who is responsible for them, and where they are located. More recently, fire and building code oversight agencies now require detailed hazardous materials reporting for permitting new facilities and demonstrating compliance with fire and building code limits within existing facilities. Stanford developed a web-based application for hazardous materials inventory information management and compliance reporting throughout its research and service support operations. The application includes reference hazard data matched to the specific chemicals in the inventory. Output includes one-button reports for local hazardous materials plan submittals, fire and building code classification for compliance and permitting, as well as ad hoc hazard reporting on regulated carcinogens, select toxins or other materials of interest. To achieve this outcome, an extensive and thorough business process assessment of its chemical management and information program and operations was conducted. The resulting system has great flexibility in all chemical use and storage facilities ranging from integrated systems research to service support areas. This presentation will demonstrate the functionality of the developed system, review the evaluation techniques used, and discuss lessons learned and other potentially valuable strategies being developed.

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