China Environmental Regulatory Trends and Rulemakings Affecting the Semiconductor Industry

Ferris, Richard (Tad)
(Holland + Knight, LLP, Washington, DC and Beijing, China)

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Over the past two years, there has been an increasing law and policy focus in China on the high-tech industry, including semiconductor operations. On one hand, the Chinese government has endeavored to promote foreign investment in these sectors. On the other hand, Chinese government agencies have increasingly sought to regulate environmental and other aspects of the high-tech industry in China. The presentation on China ESH Regulatory Trends and Rulemakings Affecting the Semiconductor Industry will focus on significant environmental, health and safety law and policymaking trends in China that affect the semiconductor industry. These would include, for instance, Chinese law and policymakers\\\’ increasing tendency to look to European law and policy initiatives for guidance in their own work, including standardization efforts. The presentation will also review landmark legislative and rulemaking initiatives that are directed at the high-tech sector. These would include new and proposed measures addressing substance restriction, product take-back, reuse and recycling, disassembly operations, pollution control standardization, and hazard classification. The presenter will also provide opportunity for responses to audience questions.

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