Claiming Renewable Energy

Joshua Kang
(Samsung Austin Semiconductor, Austin, TX)

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Claiming Renewable Energy – Joshua Kang, Samsung Austin Semiconductor, Austin, TX. There is a more focus of renewable energy in supply chain management. As a result, B2B customers are encouraging their supply chain to engage in renewable energy consumption practices. Also, CDP has announced that they’ll develop a rating system for how companies manage their renewable energy and carbon footprint in their global supply chains. For those in supply chains, they’ll benefit from reduced scope 2 emissions by adopting renewable energy strategy. However, the practice of renewable energy procurement is not common, nor readily available among the companies that are not equipped to staff a full-time renewable energy or sustainability professional. In this proposed sprint session, the common methods of claiming renewable energy will be presented as practical solutions. The common methods of claiming renewable energy consist of procurement of unbundled RECs, different types of Power Purchase Agreement, and green utility contracts with the energy providers. The benefits and risks of each method will be presented as well as consideration for potential business impacts including cost, PR/marketing, and sustainability.

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