Computer based monitoring of F-GHG emissions in Semiconductor Fabs

Neuber, Andreas; Cayer, Max; Van Gompel, Joe
(AMAT, Santa Clara CA)

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Section: GHG Emissions. Regulatory compliance is an increasing issue for the semiconductor industry with regard to efforts required. Applied Materials has developed the monitoring to help track these emission and to support compliance with new regulations. It supports both the comparison to stack emission reports, and any other configuration for apportioning, planning and forecasting of F-GHG and N2O emissions from tool specific emission to fab wide reporting. Estimation of the emissions is thereby based on real time abatement operation information and gas flow monitoring. Different calculation methods can be used. The impact of this is shown. The method could be expanded into a monitoring of the SEMI S23 equivalent energy consumption per tool and for major areas of the fab as well as into the monitoring of other process resources.

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