Design For Facilities – A Novel Approach

Chasey, Allan
(Del E. Webb School of Construction)

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When designing semiconductor manufacturing equipment to meet the highly complex challenges of today’s semiconductor market, the focus historically has been on the process capability of the equipment. The capital cost of the equipment, as well as the cost for operation and maintenance, is generally factored into the initial process equipment design scope; however, the facility costs are usually not included. Production equipment requirements drive facility design and the facility costs represent a significant portion of the wafer cost. Technology at any price is not an acceptable solution today. Consequently, production equipment purchasers are now considering methodologies to determine the cost of ownership which will include the impact of the equipment on the facility cost. How can semiconductor manufacturing equipment be designed to be more compatible with facility infrastructure support systems? How can the design of the process equipment during the development stage positively affect the factory layout, equipment installation costs, and facility costs? This presentation will look at some previously ignored semiconductor manufacturing equipment requirements which ultimately impacted the facility and drove additional facility costs. Additionally, some guidelines will be offered to improve the interface between the facility and the production equipment. These suggestions will improve the design and construction of the wafer manufacturing facility, reduce installation time for the process equipment, and lessen the impact of the process equipment on the utility services available.

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