E-Waste Management Strategies

Lee Read; Kavita Thakkar

Lee Read, Partner, ERM, Austin, TX Kavita Thakkar, Principal Consultant, ERM, Houston, TX E-waste issues have become increasingly more complex. With more and more companies generating large amounts of e-waste, understanding the federal and state regulatory requirements, including reporting requirements, e-waste management options, critical program elements, and common violations is critical to compliance success and mitigating reputational and brand risks. During this presentation, we will provide an overview of the complex map of US e-waste regulations, and discuss challenges that companies face with e-waste collection, management and disposal. We will facilitate an interactive group discussion to share best practices and outline elements of sustainable e-waste programs. This session applies to industry EHS and facilities professionals, hazardous materials inspectors, and others interested in the management and disposal of e-waste.

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