EHS Management Systems-Turning Information into Action

Dayalal, Milan
(Dakota Software, Rochester, New York)

Environmental performance measurement and risk evaluation are crucial requirements for today’s environmental, health and safety (EHS) professionals. Corporate executives must be able to identify potential areas of liability. Facility managers must be able to confirm consistent compliance with the regulations specific to their site. Sustainability initiatives are expected to be implemented across the organization. This presentation will present the benefits of working with software systems that provide the most effective and efficient way to be compliant and manage risk. Compliance assurance is evolving from a Corporate audit review process to a point-of-control model by bringing regulatory knowledge and risk awareness to the professionals at the site. Discussion will include how software provides a standardized approach that reduces regulatory research time, auditing program design time, analysis and corrective action tracking planning time and the overall risk of regulatory fines and penalties, thereby contributing to the bottom line of the organization. Different software platforms will also be described as many organizations are implementing the Software as a Service (Saas) model. SaaS lets you access software over the web for a low monthly subscription price instead of installing and maintaining software on your system, substantially reducing the investment and providing much greater flexibility. Installing environmental management systems by the SaaS model enables users to leverage a common framework and technology infrastructure. Presentation of active case studies will provide examples of implementation of EHS software systems across a wide variety of organizations. Arlene Davidson Marketing Director Dakota Software Corporation 95 Allens Creek Road Rochester, NY 14618 585-244-3300 ext. 16

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