eLearning and its Role in Semiconductor Safety Training

Austin, Shane; Reeves, Robert
(PureWorks, Inc. d/b/a PureSafety)

Each day, workers in the semiconductor industry encounter unique safety hazards, such as process and maintenance chemical exposures, radiation and other forms of hazardous energies. Delivering training on these and other important ESH topics can be a daunting task. Fluctuating headcounts, multiple facility locations, shift work and erratic travel schedules make it seemingly impossible to provide the consistent, high-quality training that your workforce deserves. Fortunately, today’s technology provides more training options than ever before. Gone are the days of taking large groups of people off-task so that they can be shuffled into a room to listen (or maybe not) to a speaker quickly address the do’s and don’ts of safety. Today’s industry professionals are looking for solutions that help them simplify and streamline training activities, while providing a high level of flexibility in a blended learning environment. This session will focus on how to deliver top-tier ESH training designed specifically for the semiconductor industry leveraging the Internet to save time and money, and meet compliance and learning objectives. This session will be presented by a Certified Safety Professional from PureSafety, a leading provider of online safety training and risk management software solutions, who is an expert in both training technology and worker safety. This session will: — Cover the benefits of implementing an eLearning solution in a semiconductor fabrication environment — Discuss eLearning and its role in a “blended” learning environment — Demonstrate how the specifics of a semiconductor environment can easily be incorporated into web-based training solutions — Share real-life customer success stories from organizations that have achieved bottom line business benefits since implementing eLearning

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