Emerging Nanotechnologies — Tremendous Promise, but also Uncertainty and Risk; Afternoon Tour of the Stanford Nanotechnology Laboratories

Moffitt, Ph.D., C. Michael; Rissman, Ph.D., Paul; Gibb, Larry
(Innova Science & Medicine, LLC and Stanford University)

Extraordinary world-wide interest, anticipation, and government research dollars have been generated by the promise of nanotechnology and the manipulation of materials at the nanoscale (at 100 nm or less). Some nanotech proponents have likened the future to the world’s next Industrial Revolution. However, the novelty of material properties at the nanoscale, which makes nanotechnology valuable to so many industrial and medical applications, also creates potential risk and serious concern regarding both public and worker health, and protection of the environment. This Professional Development Course will provide an introduction to the world of nanotechnology and the significance of working at the nanoscale, and provide an overview of current and potential applications in the areas of microelectronics, energy, building materials, military/aerospace, environmental remediation, and medicine. The course will also address the background and toxicological basis for concerns regarding public safety and possible harm to the environment from uncontrolled releases of free nanoparticles. Current and planned international regulatory activities which could affect emerging nanotechnology applications and engineered nanomaterials will also be discussed. The afternoon will be onsite at Stanford’s state-of-the-art Nanotechnology Labs starting with an introductory lecture, followed by a tour. Dr. Paul Rissman, Deputy Director of the Stanford Nanotechnology Lab, will be conducting the lecture and tour. The day will wrap up with a discussion with Stanford ESH on nanotech safety, led by Larry Gibb, Director of ESH.

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