Ensuring the Safe Movement of Used Seminconductor Manufacturing Equipment

Barnes, Robert; Alexander, Gary; Scanze, Robert
(Barnes: Robert B. Barnes Associates, Inc., Scottsdale, AZ; Alexander: SEC/N, Paradise Valley, AZ; Scanze: Applied Materials, Hopewell Junction, NY)

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In July 2001, SEC/N (the “Surplus Equipment Consortium/Network, Inc.”) published a set of used equipment decontamination guidelines for the global semiconductor industry. The intent of these guidelines is to: (1) avoid shipping and/or receiving equipment that is not properly decontaminated; and (2) to avoid damage to facilities and/or personal injury. An increasing need for such guidelines has been noted by EH&S managers, Risk Managers, Original Equipment Manufacturers, and resellers of used equipment. This paper will summarize some actual case examples involving the improper handling of such equipment and how the new SEC/N Decontamination Guidelines can be used to mini-mize the risk to personal, equipment, and facilities.

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