Environmental Protection Officer Overview

Scholtz, Ron
(Analog Devices, Inc.)

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Semiconductor processes result in the generation of byproducts and waste materials that require the installation of pollution control systems and procedures to remediate the potential environment impacts. There exist a vast and complex web of rules and regulations, which are enforced by numerous agencies.These regulators often require complicated monitoring procedures and reporting protocols that can be confusing and often seem unrelated to the targets and goals described in the pollution control codes. The EHS practitioner who is designated as the Environmental Compliance Officer has the responsibility for navigating these regulations, interacting with inspectors and other agency personnel, and providing environmental reports that will satisfy agency demands. This presentation will provide an overview of the regulations, agencies, and requirements as they apply to the semiconductor industry will be presented: Hazardous waste and universal waste, stormwater pollution prevention, air quality management, and discharge permits.

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