Equipment and Facility Decommissioning: Using the DECON Streamlined Closure Plan Process (DSCPP) to Control Cost and Future Liability for Property Owners

Belk, William
(DECON Environmental Services, Inc., Hayward, CA)

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To provide a step-by-step process for preparing a streamlined Hazardous Materials Facility Closure Plan to use before, during, and after process equipment and the facility are decommissioned. This process was developed by DECON in the last 10 years from conducting hundreds of semiconductor and other high technology facility and equipment decommissioning projects. This presentation will provide the listener with specific steps that will answer such questions as: * How do I assure we understand regulatory requirements for the facility closure? * What process is used to determine the condition and decontamination requirements for all of the manufacturing processes using hazardous materials and chemical storage areas at a facility? * What is the best way to understand the facility and equipment chemical hazards and uses onsite? * How does the facility owner determine what the closure objectives are? * Is there an effective roadmap one can use to determine the sampling and analysis strategy and plan for a facility closure? * What additional plans and procedures are needed to implement the remediation of the facility to satisfy the owner, regulators, and other stakeholders that the process equipment and facility are safe for occupancy by new tenants? * How does the DSCPP really help the property owner to control cost and future liability for these assets?

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