Ergonomic Approaches and Strategies

Paula Lewis

Environmental and Occupational Risk Management, Inc (EORM) is proposing to conduct a half day professional development session on Ergonomic Approaches and Strategies. The half day training would outline a three tired approach which helps companies streamline their ergonomic program to cost effectively manage employees around the world sitting in corporate offices or telecommuting. We’ll discuss trends in remote working and understand the risks and approaches for addressing those risks. Also we’ll look at how leveraging technology can allow the evaluation requests to be tracked, reports completed, employees educated, and provide real time results. This session will show actual results that demonstrate that the program costs can be controlled, time can be saved, risks reduced, and injuries mitigated. We’ll also outline how a participatory program can be melded into this tiered approach to enhance your programs overall effectiveness. Lastly, we’ll spend time on addressing some of the latest “hot topic” buttons within ergonomics such as sit/stand work stations, exercise balls, stretching, etc.. We’ll discuss the research and factors behind these issues to assist you on making the best decision for your organization. Learning Objective: • Understand the challenges of managing a global ergonomics program • Review latest strategies to efficiently and cost effectively manage a global ergonomic programs • Become familiar with technology solutions which can help streamline any ergonomic program • Understand the keys to successfully implementing a participatory program • Comprehend the facts and fiction behind several “hot topics” in ergonomics (sit/stand work stations, exercise balls, stretching, rest breaks, etc) Who Should Attend This course is designed for health and safety professionals, supervisors/managers responsible for safety and ergonomics, engineers, safety and ergonomics committees, employees

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