Evaluation and Analysis of III-V ESH Processing Hazards

Davis, Brett
(Zephyr Environmental Corp., Austin, TX)

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in 2011, International SEMATECH Manufacturing Initiative (ISMI) engaged Zephyr Environmental Corporation (Zephyr) to perform an assessment of the environmental, health and safety (EHS) risks of applying and processing compound semiconductor films on silicon dioxide wafers. The project description required Zephyr to “[c]onduct a process hazards analysis of a III-V manufacturing operation, identify potential ESH exposure potential, develop a sampling plan and extract appropriate samples per the sampling plan.” The hazards analysis took the form of a mini-survey that was completed by process engineers at SVTC, in Austin, Texas. Based upon this survey, a plan was developed for sampling, in front of processing equipment, in back of processing equipment and in process exhaust, of equipment during processing of III-V films. Air sampling for arsenic and arsine was performed on a molecular beam epitaxy (MBE) tool, located at Texas State University (TSU), in San Marcos, Texas, and on dry etch, wet etch and deposition tools at SVTC. In addition, wipe samples for arsenic were taken of the load lock of the MBE tool and during maintenance of a metal deposition tool. The presentation details the results of this sampling exercise, as well as the results of a related research project on arsenic contaminated wastewater technologies. Finally, the presentation will provide an update on the 2012 ISMI project to benchmark existing III-V manufacturing facilities and do additional sampling during maintenance at SVTC.

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