Executive Roundtable on Environmental Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility

Niekerk, Gary; Klafter, Bruce; , Reed Content, and Tony Kingsbury
(San Jose, CA)

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Balancing the three legs of corporate sustainability – environmental, social and business variables – is tough, especially in recessionary times. Strong companies that seem to sail through these hard economic times all have one thing in common, they have developed goals, strategies, and capacities demonstrating their corporate commitments extend beyond profit, to include people and the planet. How do these companies engage in this balancing act? In an informal setting similar to your living-room, roundtable participants from Intel Corporation, Applied Materials, GlobalFoundries, and The Dow Chemical Company will share their corporate experiences of how industry can strengthen corporate profits, while maintaining robust commitments to environmental and social concerns. Roundtable participants include Gary Niekerk, Bruce Klafter, Reed Content, and Tony Kingsbury. Gary Niekerk is Director of Global Citizenship at Intel Corporation. Bruce Klafter is Head of Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability at Applied Materials. Reed Content is Director of Global EHS and CSR at GlobalFoundries. Tony Kingsbury is Executive-in-Residence of Sustainable Products and Solutions Program at The Dow Chemical Company.

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