FM Global Data Sheet 7-7, Recommended Practices for the Semiconductor Fabrication Industry

Kevin McConnell
(FM Global)

FM Global Property Loss Prevention Data Sheet (DS) 7-7 has been updated to include current industry practices and reflect recent industry property loss events. DS 7-7 was first developed in the 1970s to address the property protection of a fledgling industry. Since its inception, DS 7-7 has been continuously reviewed and updated to reflect changing practices and processes in semiconductor fabrication, as well as lessons learned from loss events reported by FM Global insured clients. As a leading global industrial property insurer, FM Global is committed to learning from losses and improving our recommendations for good engineering practices. The latest edition of DS 7-7 was released in October 2019, with new recommendations for process safety, nitrogen supplies, energetic material handling, and fire protection. The presentation will provide an overview of DS 7-7, including its scope and structure, the recent changes, and references to additional information. Attendees can download the data sheet for free from the FM Global website:

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