Focused IH Activities To Minimize Green-to-Green Time

David Chan  and Glenn Holbrook

Industrial hygiene sampling for chemical exposure is traditionally used within the semiconductor industries to show compliance to SEMI S2 or other health and safety guidelines such as OSHA.

This limited practice of chemical sampling underutilizes the field of IH. Additionally, focusing only on the collection of samples in the breathing zones of the employees restricts utilization of the data to compliance activities. By preparing a test strategy and performing chemical sampling focusing on refining insitu clean and purging recipes, significant improvements in maintenance activities can be obtained. This allows the chemical concentration data to be analyzed to determine when a process chamber can be safely opened or a process exhaust line can be safely disassembled. This practice can result in reducing employee chemical exposure and PPE requirements, and improving green-to-green time.

This presentation will show how ASM was able to develop a focused chemical sampling strategy and reduce employee exposure and shortened the overall time for maintenance activities within its R&D facility.

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