Fundamentals and EHS Challenges of Semiconductor Manufacturing

Aaron Zude
Sue Creighton

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Facilities & Safety Solutions, Newark, CA. and Sue Creighton, Apple Inc., Santa Clara, CA

This is an introduction to EHS in semiconductor and high-tech manufacturing intended for both students and professionals that are new to the semiconductor industry and its operations. An experienced semiconductor EHS professional, recognized in his or her area of expertise, will present the topics. This will be a full day PDC. Students will be provided with handouts of each presentation. PDC topics include an overview of: • Semiconductor fabrication clean rooms and facilities equipment • Semiconductor fabrication processes & hazardous materials used • Occupational health and safety hazards and controls in a semiconductor fabrication facility • Semiconductor fabrication environmental considerations • Semiconductor fabrication tool product safety requirements and SEMI EHS standards including S2, S8 and S23 • Semiconductor fabrication clean room and facility building & fire codes • Semiconductor fabrication tool installation permitting & commissioning • Semiconductor fabrication clean room life safety controls & emergency response

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