Health, safety and well-being for Semiconductor employees – Why it takes a village

Sally* Pawsat; Georgia* Latham
(BSI EHS Services and Solutions, Austin, TX (Sally); ON Semiconductor, Phoenix, AZ (Georgia))

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The health, safety and well-being (HSW) of semiconductor employees is key to sustaining innovation, creativity, quality excellence and business success. Studies show a direct link between worker HSW and increased engagement and performance. HSW has followed the NIOSH Total Worker Health standards for several years, but social responsibility issues and the new ISO 45001 standard raise the bar for worker health, safety and well-being in the workplace. This presentation discusses how initiatives that traditionally resided with Safety and Occupational Health departments now need multiple stakeholder involvement to be successful and provide a robust HSW program for employees. ON Semiconductor and BSI will discuss how HSW issues are becoming increasing holistic, including issues like mental health and occupational stress. Questions to answer include: – Who are the key stakeholders needed to create an environment of health, safety and well-being for employees? – How can Safety and Occupational Health partner to drive the integration of HSW throughout the organization’s core functions? – What are the elements of a robust, sustainable HSW program? – What are the emerging HSW issues challenging us?

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