High Hazard Chemical Installation Case Study Session

Creighton, Sue; Trammell, Steve; Wyman, Matt
(Ultratech, San Jose, CA)

High Hazard Chemical Installation Case Study Session Lesson Plan 1. Presentation Goal: Provide mock case study for installation and permitting of highly hazardous materials Time frame – full afternoon session 2. Course Objectives 2.1. Understand the chemical hazards evaluation process for of highly hazardous chemicals 2.2. Understand the construction and installation for highly hazardous chemical delivery systems 2.3. Understand how to determine local permit requirements for highly hazardous chemical installations 2.4. Role-play permitting process for a highly hazardous chemical installation 3. Agenda 3.1. Introduction 3.1.1. Describe structure of the session 3.1.2. Introduce session hosts 3.2. Overview on highly hazardous materials 3.2.1. What are they 3.2.2. Highly hazardous materials processes and uses 3.2.3. Accidents and incidents 3.2.4. Research and current trends 3.2.5. Controls 3.3. Scenario: Strata-Tech new process using highly hazardous chemicals 3.3.1. Strata-Tech new process: (need to decide what chemicals to pick) R&D site on east coast install scope San Jose Manufacturing Install scope Audience Q&A R&D site on east coast install chemical review San Jose site install chemical review Quiz the audience R&D site on east coast install design San Jose site on install design Audience group exercise: design element “colorforms” R&D site on east coast “plan check” San Jose site on plan check Chaos ensues (this is where we get audience involvement on problems and solutions) 3.3.2. Proposed players: Overwhelmed EHS Manger: Sue Competent Vendor (for hazard controls): Matt Conscientious Consultant: Steve T Moderator: Aaron San Jose Regulator: Varun East Coast Regulator: Steve R or John C Audience: role play customers, Marketing and Sales, Service, etc

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