High Pressure Water mist – Data Center

Jonathan Ingram
(Marioff North America)

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PROTECTING YOUR CLOUD WITH MIST High Pressure Water mist – An advanced fire protection alternative, for future data centers Data is the “new oil” that keeps businesses running. The already enormous amount of data we produce and consume is growing exponentially every year. Businesses, organizations and individuals have all become dependent on digital data. This has led to an increased demand for large data centers. A large data center contains dozens of server rows; with hundreds of miles/kilometers of power and data cables connecting the servers online and to power sources. The energy density per rack has risen, so inevitably the fire risk is more significant. In this presentation we will take a look at how high pressure water mist fire protection works and what key attributes it consists of. Key takeaways of the presentation: • Water is discharged only to the area of fire, not to the entire data hall subsequently preventing flooding of the premises. • High pressure water mist uses significantly less water compared to traditional sprinkler systems. • Cooling is also more efficient in comparison to traditional sprinklers or low pressure water mist systems. • Water mist can provide total protection for all spaces within the data center building envelope. • Water mist fire protection can also be used in office areas where personnel are located. And water mist offers an excellent choice in fighting fire in technical areas with back-up generators, transformers and UPS’s. • Any expansions of the site can be done easily and efficiently just by adding pipes, valves and high pressure/thermally operated sprinkler heads to new areas supported by the original pump-set. This scalability is especially beneficial in data centers that are built in phases.

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