How Safe Are Your R&D Laboratories? – An Overview of NFPA 45 Requirements

Steve Hawkins
(ERM, Inc.)

The National Fire Protection Association’s (NFPA) 45 standard contains design, construction, and operational requirements applicable to laboratory buildings, laboratory units, and laboratory work areas which store or handle certain classifications of chemicals. The purpose of the standard is to prevent and/or mitigate fire and explosion events in typical laboratory and research & development (R&D) activities and operations. This presentation will provide an overview of pertinent NFPA 45 requirements as related to semiconductor R&D and laboratory operations. specific areas that will be discussed include:

  • laboratory design and construction
  • life safety issues and requirements
  • chemical handling and storage requirements, including flammables, combustibles, and compressed and/or liquefied gases
  • fire protection system requirements
  • explosion hazard protection
  • laboratory ventilation systems and hood design
  • gas cylinder safety
  • hazard identification in the laboratory
  • operational issues and standard procedures.

Compliance discussions will be focused on those areas of specific concern for semiconductor R&D activities.

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