How sustainability drivers are shifting the business landscape and the five business questions you need to be able to ask your CXO

Friend, Gil
(Natural Logic)

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Malcom Gladwell wrote “The Tipping Point” in 2000, and now sustainability tipping points seem to be everywhere — from GE’s Ecomagination to Wal-Mart’s deep supply chain drive, from Goldman Sach’s $1b clean tech commitment of 2005 to Bank of America’s $20b commitment in March 2007. And then there’s the US Climate Action Partnership. What does this mean for the business landscape your company is navigating? What impacts — positive as well as negative — might these changes hold in store for your company? What new _strategic_ roles can EHS play, in a world where environmental regulations matter less, and environmental markets matter more?And what are the five key questions that you need to be able to ask your CXO — and that they need to be able to answer?

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