Implementing and Sustaining a Successful World-Class Ergonomics Program

(Humantech, Ann Arbor, MI and SolarWorld Industries, Hillsboro, OR)

Humantech and SolarWorld Industries have partnered to present the strategies and efforts required to implement and sustain a world-class ergonomics program. Using the best practices and lessons learned while implementing effective solutions and principles at a solar panel manufacturing facility session attendees will learn: • The strategic and tactical aspects of what it takes to roll out and maintain a World Class Ergonomics programs. This will be a high level discussion based on the results and data accumulated from Humantech’s recent benchmarking study, which was completed on companies determined to have successful ergonomics programs. • SolarWorld will speak directly to the activities completed within their organization. The discussion will highlight the following: • What was the driver for implementation • Technical and organizational challenges • Approach/vision • Implementation • Results • Lessons learned • The ability to identify and manage risk factors attributed to musculoskeletal disorders and the ability to identify design considerations for risk management. In closing, this session will outline the necessary steps to reduce workplace injuries and illnesses in an electronics and / or high tech organization.

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