Implementing Progressive HSE Metrics

Rodstein, Jay
(Honeywell Aerospace, Plymouth, MN)

How low can you go? Conventional measures of HSE performance have included Incident Rates of OSHA recordable injuries and illnesses, lost work day case rates and the number of environmental excursions. These measures are reactive and, on the good news side, they have become so low in our industry that year to year comparisons are imperfect measures of our HSE program’s progress. So what can we do in our businesses, driven by operational excellence programs and the expectation of world-class performance, to show continuous improvement? We need new metrics! But let’s make sure these are proactive, actually measure HSE program performance and limit the introduction of gamesmanship. In the past year I have been “thrown into that briar patch” as Honeywell has introduced an HSE Management System which has added a wide range of new measures. My paper will discus the Honeywell HSEMS, the new metrics that have been introduced and a plant level view of how implementation is going. I will give specific examples of the good (e.g. maturity paths), the bad (e.g. annual review of legal and other requirements) and the ugly (e.g. severity of compliance findings).

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