Incident Preparedness: The Complete Approach. How to Minimize the Potential and Mitigate the Actual

Brown, A.; Barnes, R.; Rick, R.
(Rushbrook Consultants, Glasgow, Scotland; Robert B. Barnes Associates, Scotts Valley, AZ; TCR Services, San Francisco, CA)

Course Description: Every day of the year, somewhere in the world there is a business interruption incident in a semiconductor manufacturing facility. The severity of such an incident is dependent upon the advance preparation that has been completed by the facility to insure that the incident is minor and the return to full production is accomplished as quickly as possible. Incidents include fires, liquid or gas releases, service interruption (e.g. power, water, bulk gases)
Such preparation includes:
Risk assessments of the entire facility and its manufacturing equipment
A thorough understanding of the business interruption issues relevant to the specific facility
Effective planning for business continuity, including incident recovery alternatives
This full-day workshop will use actual case studies to illustrate both successful and unsuccessful approaches to incident preparedness and recovery. The workshop facilitation team includes internationally recognized experts in the critical issues of incident preparedness, each of whom has first-hand operational experience in the topics being discussed.

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