Industrial Hygiene Air Sampling Application and Use of Chemical Surrogates

Visty, John
(Salus Engineering)

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Qualifying new chemical process recipes for manufacturing equipment can be a major challenge. New manufacturing equipment using wet processing often includes the use of numerous hazardous chemicals including corrosive acids / bases, oxidizers and flammable solvents. In addition to concerns regarding incompatible mixing, assessing the potential for chemical exposure during normal operations and fault conditions early in the process is critical to identifying equipment engineering control measures. The challenge of measuring representative chemical exposures to verify adequate chemical engineering controls may often include unacceptable risks including chemical contact hazards, elevated process temperatures and very low occupational exposure levels. Utilizing chemical surrogates as an alternative can offer some opportunities for performing an empirical chemical exposure assessment while potentially controlling the level of hazard of personnel. The strategies and critical criteria for using chemical surrogates to qualify process equipment recipes will be presented.

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