Integrated EH&S Objectives and Targets: A Focus on Performance and Cost Improvements

Thomas, CIH, Michael; Worth, David; Ramer, CIH, Michael
(Earth Tech, Englewood, CO; Earth Tech, Syracuse, NY; and Earth Tech, Englewood, CO)

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Initial development and implementation of environmental and health and safety management systems, like ISO 14001, requires an organization to focus its resources on establishing operational and review procedures which can overwhelm the implementation team. That narrow focus can draw attention away from the true purpose of a management system; that of bringing about continual, meaningful improvements in EH&S performance. Often, objectives and targets established in the early stages of an immature management system are often basic and easily achievable to assist the organization in initiating the cultural changes necessary to successfully establish a sustainable system. However, as the system matures, the organization must challenge itself, by moving away from the basic elements of the system and establishing meaningful objectives and targets that truely bring about the performance and cost improvements necessary to move the organization past its competitors and into the favor of the community. These meaningful improvements can be greatly enhanced through the establishment of integrated of EH&S objectives and targets. This integration allows the full analysis of the impacts of the tasks and iniatives developed for the achievement of objectives and targets established and will assist in bringing about the most beneficial changes. The performance improvements, naturally result in cost improvements for the organization and combine to bring about value for the organization’s employees, shareholders, and community.

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