Intel Corporation’s Technology & Development EHS Chemical Approval Process

Brown, Steven
(Intel, Hillsboro, OR)

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The development and manufacture of advanced semiconductor products is resulting in the use of new production materials, including materials not previously used by the industry. In order to ensure these materials are used in a safe and environmentally responsible manner, Intel Corporation utilizes a comprehensive chemical use approval process. The chemical use approval process includes performing a hazard assessment of the new material, a review of the intended use of the material and a determination of the EHS controls necessary to safely use the material. This presentation will describe the chemical use approval process employed at Intel’s microprocessor research and development facilities. Specific topics to be covered include; Intel’s Chemical Use Approval Process, toxicology assessment protocols, hazard classification system (i.e. carcinogenicity or reproductive hazard determination), TSCA compliance methodologies for R&D materials, intellectual property protection guidelines, environmental restriction screening, material use screening tools, S2 compliance for new chemical uses, waste treatment/disposal requirements, drain line compatibility testing, Process Hazard Analysis requirements and determination of EHS controls such as PPE and/or engineering controls. Included in the presentation will be a description of a chemical use review panel utilized at Intel to obtain input from content experts during the approval process.

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