Intel’s EHS New Facilities Equipment Procurement Process (FEPP)

Yurconic, Mike
(Ronler Acres, D1D EHS Coordinator, Hillsboro, OR)

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Intel’s EHS New Facility Equipment Procurement Process Mike Yurconic D1D EHS Coordinator Intel’s Corporate Equipment Design for EHS Program (DFEHS) has consisted of the New Equipment Procurement Process (NEPP) for process tools going into the cleanroom. There was no similar process for evaluating supporting facility systems and equipment. There was some effort to apply SEMI S2/S8 to these systems. However, it became apparent that these documents were not appropriate for the more “industrial-like” facility systems. Consequently, these systems were being designed and installed with inadequate and inconsistent EHS evaluation. As facility systems, particularly waste systems, became more complex, Intel began experiencing a significant increase in the number and severity of incidents associated with them. Consequently, Corporate EHS Engineering and Design was chartered by the Facility Technology Development organization (FTD) to develop an analogous process to NEPP but for facility systems. Subsequently, a small work group, led by EHS, was formed and developed the EHS Facility Equipment Procurement Process (FEPP). EHS presented FEPP to stakeholders for buy-in to the process. Once approval was gained, FEPP was integrated into Intel’s procurement process and the FEPP deliverables were published as an Intel Master Construction Specification.

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