Leveraging Business Intelligence to Measure Safety Success and Align with Business Goals

James Roettger and  Chris Crans

Successful business in the 21st century is based on data: gathering it, managing it, leveraging it. Data swarms from all over, often in unstructured forms, and tracking vital indicators is not easily done. Yet that ability to extract value from data is exactly what EHS managers need. Having defined targets and goals is step one and EHS managers often focus on leading indicators in an attempt to achieve their goals. Understanding and tracking leading indicators is critical, but they must be combined with their counterpart, lagging indicators, to paint a complete picture of why things are happening across the organization. While no organization may be able to predict when incidents will happen, by combining the metrics gathered from your lagging and leading indicators, organizations can start to understand the trends that lead to them. This session will focus on best practices and technologies for identifying these trends.

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