Leveraging Emerging Management System Standards to Create Improved EHS and Sustainability Performance

Mazzarella, Susan
(EORM, Inc., Laguna Hills CA)

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Introduction: Management Systems provide a structured approach to organizing, developing and implementing long-term programs that help organizations managing risk and achieve performance improvements. With an increase in global supply chain pressures, interest in ISO 14001 (for the environment) and OHSAS 18001 (for occupational health and safety), is on an upswing. The world’s largest electronic companies look favorably upon these international certifications, and in some cases, are requiring them for their top tier suppliers. In addition to ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001, there are a host of new and emerging Management Systems standards for everything from Supply Chain Security to Eco-Design. This presentation will provide an overview of the benefits, challenges, and business leverage in establishing and/or expanding a Management Systems approach in your organization. Who Should Attend: This Management Systems Professional Development Course is intended for conference participants interested in learning more about the advantages and logistics involved in establishing and implementing a Management Systems approach within their organization. For those with existing Management Systems, it will provide an overview of emerging Management Systems standards that can be incorporated to further support existing systems. Attendees will be provided with handouts of the presentation and a summary of the various management systems discussed during the presentation.

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