Life Cycle Concerns for a Toxic Gas Monitoring System

Pugh, Jeffrey
(Pugh Engineering)

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This paper will take a “Reverse Engineering” approach to evaluating the life cycle concerns and strategic focus areas related to implementing a Toxic Gas Monitoring System. Starting with operation and maintenance and concluding with selecting/designing a new system, this paper will analyze key concerns through each phase of the system life cycle. This paper is intended to provide EHS personnel, system owners, operators, maintenance personnel, and designers with a full range of topics critical to a successful operating Toxic Gas Monitoring System. Operation and Maintenance will consider response philosophies, maintenance procedures, testing procedures, equipment reliability, cross-sensitivity, equipment location, and Code compliance. Equipment selection, installation and commissioning phases will consider identifying proven technology, owner’s acceptance, equipment calibration, system configuration, and system diagnostics. Discussion on how installation concerns are related to contracting strategy and equipment procurement. Finally, we will take a look at how these topics discussed above should be considered as an integral part of the initial system design to maximize performance and ensure reliability.

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