Making It Stick: A Systematic Approach For A Sustainable Ergonomics Process

Rostykus, Walt (CIH, CSP, CPE)
(Humantech Inc.)

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The quality model of continuous improvement and the Management System structure (ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001) applied to an ergonomics process provide a systematic approach for planning, managing, and tracking changes to work environment and tasks that reduce ergonomics risk factors. Planning and implementing strategic program elements are critical for the continued support and effectiveness of the tactical activities of ergonomic risk assessments and solutions. The approach illustrates an integrated system for managing safety and productivity benefits with proven improvements to the bottom line of the business of semiconductor manufacture and assembly. Elements of the approach provide a roadmap that will guide program managers through a logical and comprehensive approach to establish new or improve an existing ergonomics process. Steps and illustrations are based on successful practices from Fortune 500 Companies. Application of this approach and all process elements will be discussed. The model is transferable and can be applied as a method for integrating and systematically managing other aspects of a semiconductor workplace health and safety program.

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