Managing Environmental Compliance Challenges in R&D Facilities

Schiller, Dina; Botic, Steven; Dinh, Phong
(Applied Materials, Santa Clara, CA)

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The Environmental Health and Safety (EH&S) professionals of a semiconductor research and development (R&D) facility are continuously faced with the challenges of managing increasing hazardous substances in R&D processes as well as the ever-changing regulatory requirements. Applied Materials EH&S is implementing comprehensive measures to address these challenges and ensure workers’ safety, regulatory compliance, environmental protection and business operations continuity. This paper discusses our robust approach to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of various environmental programs such as hazardous materials and waste handling and storage, exhaust management, air emission inventory, spill management, tiered permitting, industrial wastewater treatment systems, and stormwater pollution prevention. This paper also provides guidance on how to achieve environmental compliance through an environmental management system, compliance calendar, management of change program, and self-auditing.

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