Managing Organizational and Individual Progress and Achievement

Schneider, Steffi
(Advanced Micro Devices)

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Abstract: How do you know that your employees are getting the right things done at the right time? That they are using skills and characteristics needed for them and EHS to be successful? Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) uses a quarterly goals & achievement process (QGA) to address these management needs. The process helps combine the company’s business goals with the employee’s individual goals and development plans. The QGA program consists of a four-step process. First goals, roles, and responsibilities are identified and communicated at the beginning of the year. Second, each quarter, manager and employee set goals that are specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time bound. The manager and employee also define which developmental needs the employee will pursue during the upcoming review period. Success factors such as continuous improvement, integrity and responsibility are applied to describe how the employee is expected to achieve his/her goals. Third, at the end of each quarter, the employee records her accomplishments and discusses them with the manager. A rating score is assigned depending on the status of goal achievement and the demonstration of success factors. In step four, quarterly results are finally transferred into the annual summary of results. A total rating is assigned that describes the employee’s overall performance. The manager’s expertise and careful judgment of business demands, employee skills, and developmental needs are crucial for a successful implementation of the QGA process. This requires good analytical skills, planning ability and interpersonal skills. If goals are defined concisely, accomplishments can be measured more objectively. Management training in regard to performance management and goal setting is provided. AMD’s QGA process has proven successful for more than ten years.

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